Dished ends and sheet metal moulding


Dished ends production for all types of tanks and metal containers.

Torispherical ends type D (DIN 28011) and semielliptical ends type E (DIN 28013).

deep drawing, ends for tanks in two pieces, dished ends for pipes, flat ends, hemispheric ends.


Cold moulding of metallic components used in different product sectors, through the use of mechanical and hydraulic presses.

Production of printed accessories for tanks, flanges with gaskets and matching lids.


Production employs hydraulic and mechanical presses with variable power from 1,000 to 16,000 kN alongside dedicated automation systems, in order to ensure maximum production efficiency.

Guillotine shears, circular shears and automatic high-definition plasma cutting systems are used in the production cycle for drilling intake holes.


dished ends and sheet metal moulding since 1953

Zapè - Historical Photos

Zapè moulded products have been meeting customers' needs around the world since 1953 for sheet metal and metal moulding. We have acquired our leadership thanks to the efforts and constant passion of a highly qualified group.

Cutting-edge processing technologies, research and constant innovation have enabled the Zapè brand to grow and consolidate its leadership in the field of dished ends and sheet metal moulding.

Experience boosted by the latest technology is a perfect synthesis.

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